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Bot Studio Docs

Drag And Drop Editor

Bot Studio's drag-and-drop editor simplifies the process of creating bots. Using a flowchart editor, you can connect nodes like puzzle pieces to create a fully functional bot.

This is Bot Studio's drag-and-drop editor.


The drag-and-drop editor is designed to be simple yet effective. It provides tools such as an auto-update system, a minimap, and an AI bot maker. Each tool is designed to help you create your bots more easily and quickly and to track down issues.

Issue Trackers

The drag-and-drop editor automatically highlights all nodes that have issues. It tells you exactly where the issue is located and how you can fix it.


The drag-and-drop editor includes an anti-malware system, which helps you maintain a more secure space. For example, when you import a new data file, this system will check for any malicious content within the imported file.

Track Hidden Data

If a node contains data that is not rendered by the editor's default controllers, then the editor notifies you about the hidden data. This helps you maintain a more secure environment.

AI Assistants

The drag-and-drop editor includes AI assistants that help you manage and create bots.